Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Bedwetter | Sarah Silverman


Have you ever had difficulty holding your urine overnight? Then here's the book for you! Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter takes us on quite the journey of courage, redemption and pee. As a bedwetter well into her teens, Silverman starts off the book sharing her upbringing and the difficulty she faced feeling like she didn't belong amongst her peers.  She takes the reader through her struggles growing up and makes mention of her experience as a Jewish girl living in a very non - Jewish neighborhood. Silverman's feelings of being different, alone and not quite accepted, is certainly not lost on me! I too felt very different as a mixed person growing up in a predominately white neighbor hood. If you have ever felt this way... then I am sure you will really enjoy this book!                                                                                                      I could appreciate Silverman's vulnerability when she shares some of her past experiences. A memory that really struck a nerve with me, would have to be her recollection of being force fed MEAT, as a young vegetarian. The visual of this story alone... left me so uncomfortable and ANGRY! Another story which left me very unsettled, was when Silverman was left dangling at the side of a building. These stories make the reader uncomfortable (understatement) and empathetic towards Silverman's experiences and we get a new take on the person, rather than the performer.

Readers will certainly also appreciate Silverman's email exchanges with various business folk and her take on the haters in which she has encountered over the years. Personally, what I found most fascinating (by a land slide) was Silverman's ability to digest and address the boatloads of ANTISEMETIC hate mail in which she has received. 

Silverman displays incredibly strength in these trying moments. I think there is a lesson here in her ability to turn hate and fear into comedy... and I'm not really sure how she does it...but she has clearly mastered her craft. Now that's not to say Silverman doesn't speak up or fight back... or that anyone should by any means tolerate hate... its that her grace, eloquence and sense of humor, shines very brightly in an otherwise dark miserable world full of horrific hate. A sincere thank you Silverman for your stories of strength. 

This is an older publication, so you may not be able to locate an outright copy from your local bookstore. So if you are looking for a copy, then check out Amazon here!


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