About Me:

Amy Smith, OCT, M.Ed.


Greetings blog readers! My name is Amy Smith and I am an ESL and Grade 7 homeroom teacher in the York Region District School Board. I am also an avid traveler and seek to explore as much of the world as possible! June 2020, will mark 9 years that I have been teaching. My teaching and leadership experiences include:

* Principal Designate
* Special Education Resource Teacher
* Math & Literacy Teacher
* Division Lead
* Equity Designate
* ESL Support Teacher


Bachelor of Arts, York University
* Specialization in Psychology
*Secondary focus in Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Education, Queens University
*Elementary Education
*Focus on Theatre Arts

Masters of Education, University of Western Ontario
*Educational Psychology & Special Education
*Research Focus: Safe Schools

Additional Qualifications:

*Principal Qualification Course Part 1
*Primary/Junior Math Specialist
*ABQ Intermediate (Science)
*Special Education Part 2
*English as a Second Language Part 1
*Inclusive Classroom Part 1

Other Interests:
*Photography, Video & Editing
*Language Acquisition