Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Paris The Memoir | Paris Hilton

You might think you know Paris Hilton, but this memoir shatters any preconceived notion you have ever had of the starlet. This is truly one of the best memoirs I have ever read! 

As expected, Paris begins the book off like other memoirs in an upbeat manner, but unlike other memoirs, it quickly turns dark making it impossible to put down. Paris' book is unlike others in that her story doesn't just include one or two hardships, but rather, it unleashes unmistakable horror that has left me in continuous disbelief. There could be no way that all of the things she shares in this book are real.... but they are and it gets darker and more traumatic each step of the way! I would have never guessed the amount of trauma and pain that Paris has gone through behind closed doors. 

As someone who has followed Paris' work in the troubled teen industry after watching the 2020 YouTube Original "This is Paris", it is safe to say that the book does a much better job of digging deep and really describing the atrocities of the supposed "schools" that Paris has attended. Paris does an amazing job of unpacking her pain ultimately making the reader both furious and deeply sad.

Normally, when I am reading a good book, I will share the highlights with my husband. But in the case of this memoir, shortly after beginning, I quickly realized I must read aloud the entire memoir to him because I couldn't sit with the range of emotions it was eliciting in me alone. I needed someone to share this story with. We finished the book in two days. It was in the words of Paris, "beyond". 

I am both horrified and inspired by the life Paris has led. There is a certain and unexpected wisdom that she shares with her readers that is both eloquent and honest. Her strength is so admirable and the rawness that is shared will not be easily found in other memoirs. After reading this novel I instantly re watched This is Paris which in my opinion, only scratched the surface of what the memoir tackles.

If you are feeling a little lost or confused after reading my book review, I hope that it makes you inspired to read it for yourself. In all honesty, I truly can't even begin to TRY to explain the contents of this book. It is absolutely a 2023 MUST READ. 

Finally, I want you all to know that you do not even need to be a fan of Paris Hilton in order to appreciate this book and her life story, but I guarantee after reading it, you will become one!

Paris The Memoir can be found at your local bookstore and here

Happy Reading! @ThatFunnyAmy

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