Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo | Amy Schumer

I think Barbara Walters had it right when she coined Amy Schumer one of the most fascinating people of 2015. Schumer is the best friend I didn't know I needed and this book will probably make you feel the same. If you think you have a solid understanding of who is Amy Schumer, I challenge you to read this book... as I'm confident that your preconceived notions will be up for question. I stood corrected in my assumption that Schumer was a wild extrovert. I was humbled when I read that Schumer is in fact an introvert who enjoys her alone time. I didn't see that or everything else that was coming in this lengthy, yet enjoyable read (319 pages). 

Schumer's book goes into many aspects of her life such as her relationship with her father who is battling a heart-wrenching disease, or the fact that Schumer is tragically yet another women who has faced sexual assault. Of course the book itself has lots of breaks for more light hearted topics too such as Schumer's excerpts from her childhood and teenage journals, but it doesn't shy away from the tough or emotionally taxing ones either. I enjoyed the balance between both elements from Schumer's life as it gave as a full picture into who this remarkable person truly is.  A personal favorite moment for me, was discovering the deep love Schumer has for her brother and sister and reading all about the work that she is doing towards gun violence education. 

Although the book is a longer read, it challenges your assumptions, beliefs and perspective on both life and people. I definitely was left thinking 'hmm... I think I need more Schumer in my life!' I recommend this read, as it made me appreciate someone who did not have the same upbringing as myself, yet somehow became so unbelievably relatable and earnest.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo can be found at you local bookstore in the 'Humour' section or on Amazon (link here)

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