Saturday, December 8, 2018

Don't Forget Rome!

Greetings Travel Seekers! Are you planning a trip to Italy but contemplating leaving Rome out of your itinerary? Well this blog post will certainly argue otherwise. When we were planning our honeymoon destination, some people tried to strongly advised us from going to Rome. If we had listened, we would have missed out on one of the most breath-taking and romantic places we have ever been in the entire world!

Like every place, Rome certainly has its pros and cons. Sure, my boxed mac and cheese is better than the pasta you will have right outside the Vatican or the Colosseum. However, out of all the countries we have explored (and we have explored many), nothing made my jaw drop more --- literally... than the Colosseum. It is spectacular in size and architecture... it is a must see and please don't worry, the food is delicious once you travel down a road or two away from the tourists. Another con-sideration is you may be asked by some local merchants near the major tourist attractions to buy a selfie stick, a scarf or a bottle of water. To be perfectly honest, the water came in handy and in our opinion it all has it's charm... because you are in freaking Rome... and it certainly wasn't built in a day!

If you are looking for instagram worthy photos look no further than Rome. Every street corner has its charm and elegance. The architecture is to die for and the history is so interesting. My personal favourite thing to do was to walk across Rome all the way to the Vatican on our last day. It took us  14 hours round trip by foot, but that's accounting for our stops along the way to dine and get a foot massage on the way back. Do we regret starting our trip off with a hop on hop off bus? Definitely not, since it was how we got our bearings but once you figure out this place, Rome begs its visitors to soak in the history and culture step by step, rather than zip by in a car or bike. 

At nighttime, the lights come on, the nightlife begins and the sweet sound of Italian street performers wraps your heart like a warm blanket rich with the fabric of culture. No, we didn't get mugged and yes it safe. Just be mindful of your belongings and you will never regret visiting this amazing destination. 

Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a comment below about how wonderful your vacation was when you return! To see more pictures of our Rome and Italy travels, visit my instagram account: @smithers_amy

With love, 

Amy xoxo

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