Friday, January 20, 2017

Have a Math Night at Your School!

Just yesterday we had a fabulous turn out at our Math & Music Night. We decided a good way to bring families into our building was by asking families to come to the school to see their child's musical performance. Once parents came inside, they were greeted by two of our lead teachers at the welcome table. They provided families with information on when their child's musical performance will take place and a"math passport".
The math passport encouraged students to come visit each learning center and receive a signature. One students got a full page of signatures (and we rewarded effort with a signature, not necessarily success), they got a take home prize (pack of cards, dice, games to play at home with the family). Students had so much fun visiting each learning center. See more of the pictures below!
Each center was led by either a grade 8 student or a teacher. We were even fortunate enough to have our very own Vice Principal lead one of the centers!
We selected activities that were shared at the Annual Quest conference, activities we have done in our own classrooms, activities we learned about at staff meetings and activities that are aligned with our school focus (e.g. growth mindset). 

Some activities even encouraged parents to get involved!

The smiles on everyone's faces and the fun we all had made the whole experience so much fun to be part of! 

I hope this blog entry has you inspired! Thanks for reading :-)

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