Friday, April 24, 2015

Leadership is... Becoming a Workshop Presenter!

If you are looking for a leadership opportunity within your school board, always keep your eyes open! There are often calls for workshop presenters, in which you could apply to. If you work in a reasonably sized board like myself, applying to become a workshop presenter at a board conference is a great  first step into gaining valuable regional leadership experience. The best part of becoming a workshop presenter is that your audience is still students, so the experience still feels quite familiar to that of a classroom setting.
A strong piece of advice I would  give someone interested in such an experience is to always plan your agenda first. This helps you keep time, stay on track/focused and considerate of making activities/learning centers that are engaging towards workshop attendees.
Another thing I would suggest is to not assume your workshop attendees bring writing utensils/technology. I always come prepared with extra post-its, pens, highlighters and technology.
Stay positive and warm. Keep in mind that your audience is a group of individuals who want to be there and are ready to learn!

Good luck :)

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