Saturday, March 14, 2015

Apps That Promote Mental Health

Above: Mindshift App
Our school climate team has four intermediate students. The great thing about having students on our team, is that we can run ideas past them for real input and perspective. I had put together a list of apps that advertise themselves as promoting mental health. I then asked our student reps to test out all the the apps for awhile. They found they really enjoyed two, finding them as both useful and effective. 

The best part about this process is the fact that our own grade 7 students who actually used these apps recommend them. Our student reps then demo-ed the apps, their features and effectiveness for the rest of our student body at an assembly. 

After our student reps unveiled their recommendations I found a lot of collegues were asking about the apps to use with their own children. They thought the apps sounded great!

Ready to see our student-recommended apps?

The first app is called: "MindShift"'. This app promises to coach students through their struggles with anxiety and help them cope.  It intents to help the user learn how to relax and develop healthier ways of thinking. Some of the things it hopes to help students with include:
• Social Anxiety  • Performance Anxiety • Worry  • Panic • Conflict • Test Anxiety • Perfectionism 
The app is the work of a joint collaboration between AnxietyBC ( and BC Mental Health & Addiction Services (
iPhone Screenshot 1
Above: Breathe2Relax App
The second app is called: "Breathe2Relax'' . The intention of this app is to become a stress management tool by providing information on the effects of stress on the body and exercises to help the user develop better breathing practices. The hopes of the app is to reduce the effects of stress on the body, by breathing better. 
Try them both out yourself, or recommend them to someone in your social network/family/peer group and post your thoughts and reflections. I would love to know if you found either of both of these apps effective too! 

:) Thanks for reading!

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