Monday, March 2, 2015

A Dance-a-Thon is a Great Way to Create "Buy-in" & Spread Awareness on Mental Health in Your School

Our School Climate Team planned Mental Health Awareness Month this past February 2015. Our primary teacher rep: Violeta Serbu and our Intermediate Student Reps planned an amazing fundraiser for CAMH. By creating a fundraiser, our student-reps were able to spread awareness about what CAMH really does and about Mental Health Topics. Each grade was invited down to dance for appox 30 min and donate $2 to our fund. We had a teacher: Ms. Natalie Wood-Bound's amazing son (Gr. 7) DJ our event and Natalie had intermediate students put together some easy to follow choreography to keep students engaged. Our intermediate School Climate reps were circulating around and handed out tickets to students who were dancing their feet off. The class that collected the most tickets, was given a free pizza party!

 At our most recent School Climate Team meeting, our intermediate student reps informed us that many students in our school really enjoyed the event and learned more about Mental Health. Teachers provided us with feedback saying that it was a lot of fun and that it is definitely something we should consider doing again in the future. This one initiative alone, raised over $700.00! Not to mention, that dance is a really healthy outlet that promotes mental health & well-being!

To learn more about CAMH please go to their website:

Are you thinking of putting together a school initiative for Mental Health? Post your ideas below!

Thanks for reading! :)

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