Saturday, February 28, 2015

Collaborative Gratitude Art Work: Promoting Well-Being & Mental Health

This past February, our School Climate Team planned and executed their very own Mental Health Awareness Month at HBPS. One of our initiatives was our Gratitude Challenge. My class of grade 6s and I came up with daily "challenges" that homerooms could partake in. One of our first challenges was to contribute to our school's gratitude tree (images 3-6). Each homeroom class (and even one of our french classes), wrote down things that they were grateful for on leaves and posted to our tree.

Well, the fun didn't just stop there. Other classes decided to take the same ideas and make their own versions in their own classrooms! Take a look at images 1 & 8 these photos came from Ms. Karen Smiley- Macinnis' grade 2 classroom and images 2 & 7 "'The Gratitude Express"' came from Ms. Kathleen Murphy's Community Class! What a wonderful way to promote mental health and well-being by practicing gratitude which research suggests reduces stress and lowers symptoms of anxiety & depression!

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